Hello :),

my name is Agnes and I am the maker of Leckerpott. My journey with pottery got really serious after visiting Japan. The Japanese have a whole new connection between perfectly prepared food and the presentation of it in really unique looking pieces. Somehow there are a lot more pots on the table, everyone is different, but it is a complete matching set. When I pick these pots up and hold it in my hand, I feel different than with a mass-produced tableware, that I have known for my whole life. I have always had industry designed pots and these pieces are designed to be distributed in exactly the same thickness, as they are usually slip cast. A handmade pot, that is individually crafted by a human has beauty, functionality and uniqueness, oddly represented by slight off-balance and embraced imperfection. As soon as I came to realise this I started to thrive on more unique tableware.

From this point there is no getting back for me, I had experience on the pottery wheel via an evening school and two weeks later I had a pottery studio set up in my basement. Since then I am finding my voice in the art of functional pottery. I was hopelessly caught up in this craft and still am. There are so many things to learn, to practice, the journey never ends.

I sell my handmade pots since 2019 and am refining my ceramic series along the way. My intention in producing handmade pots is the spreading of the idea and feeling of finding beauty in the day-to-day objects. That is also why I specialize in functional pottery mainly. I am a passionate cook and surely got into ceramics through cooking and food blogs, that embrace the idea of beauty in food presentation. This presentation is often based on the used ceramics. If you happen to eat in star ranked restaurants they often show their appreciation in individual functional ware that one doesn’t know from home to enhance your experience in the restaurant. Coffee speciality places all around the world and participating in the third wave coffee movement often present their coffee in handmade mugs. There is something about these objects that enhance the adventure and connect the passion of the makers and the get-together of makers and customers. For me these instances, as a customer, made me remember these times when I had a really good meal or coffee even more, when the presentation was superb. It communicates an appreciation for the produce and costumer that makes it stick in one’s memory.

My intention in making is creating these special moments. A coffee out of my handmade mug should taste a little better 🙂 and the haptic expierence is supposed to be unique whilst being food safe and easy to clean. I love cooking and my favourite moment is having everything ready, sliding my drawer open with my bowls and deciding which bowl or plate suits best the meal. Therefore I have different favourites for different meals and I am always open to switch it up. All my clays and glaze combination are in heavy use in my own kitchen in some way, I clean everything in the dishwasher and I have a keen eye on every piece if it changes over time.

I have these clay and glaze combination also tested in a laboratory and certified.

There are a lot of considerations and quality aspects that are thought about along the way, many prototypes have been made in the beginning in order to ensure the best outcome. All my pots should feel handmade, special and not bulk produced. There is no way that you go visit a friend and he or she has that identical pot. The quality of the pots is far greater than the usual stoneware, they are high-fired, the glazes are individually matched to the clay body. There are month and month of testing involved. I have never had a rim chip, even though we have busy kitchen drawers and I am not a very careful person while cooking and baking. Of course if something falls unfortunately it can brake, but even this looks different in my expierence than mass produced pieces (it usually breaks in fewer pieces as the material is more durable and not choosen to be the cheapest raw material).

In this video you can see my process of making a coffee cup, I hope you enjoy it.

I hope that you can experience all this care and considerations when you decide to own one of my creations.